Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Entry tiles

I've been dragging my heels (or getting distracted) from tiling the floor of my mini-vestibule.  It's a 12 square foot tiny space between my front door and the entry door which creates a wee bit of insulation from the outside world.  It's been painted with a great Farrow & Ball color, Pitch Blue.
Pitch Blue

We've installed a sweet perforated light fixture which gives a nice constellation effect in the evening.
Filigree Sphere

Now we need to do the floor.  Here's what I'm thinking.
Originally, we wanted to put in a Moroccan mosaic.

Each can be customized with color.  I fear becoming too theme-y, but the space is so tiny and will be partially covered with a mat so I think it's a safe place to go bold.
Another likely solution is the Kibak Tile in Andalusia from Ann Sacks.
Again, this would be in a custom color palette.  I also always liked the Paccha tiles from Ann Sacks, but I think it's a bit too trendy and I'm after more than two tones.

Recently, I discovered Popham Design and I love their handmade tiles.  I am drawn to the soft and dusty finish.

 Some of the colors I may go for along with a bit of black:

Let's hope I just chose something and get it done before summer!

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