Monday, March 12, 2012

covet! (from the coveteur)

Gaia Repossi is so young (20) and so chic.  She is the artistic director of Maison Repossi and I can't get enough of the minimal jewelry.  Her influence of the family's famed jewelry house resulted in collaboration with Alexander Wang for his F/W '11 show as well as Joseph Altuzarra for his F/W '11 show.

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>The pieces were first made for Joseph's show. Only in black. We had lunch once with   Joseph and he asked me first what were the dream shoes a woman wanted for his own collection and later he asked me to make a collection for his show. We ended up doing only a ring that were on the girls in his winter show. </span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>All, Gaia Repossi </span>#inline_11

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Yes rose gold.. </span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>All, Gaia Repossi </span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'></span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>All, Gaia Repossi </span>#inline_12

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>The collection I did for Wang is to me the most arty I've done so far. The Art Deco pattern, the fact of burning the gold like a sculpture process. It matches well with the postcard of the Hélio Oitica sculpture underneath it. </span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Ring, Alexander Wang x Gaia Repossi </span>#inline_10

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