Friday, March 25, 2011

It's been a long time

Forgive me for going dark for so long.  It's not as though I have not been working, it's that the progress here at the homestead is more subtle and slow.  I am excited to show you a few things that have changed.

We've painted a wall in the kitchen black.  It's chalkboard paint.  Thanks to Kevin for the notion, I really like the way it finishes off the space.
I've yet to get the darn chalk.

(Here is the before black picture:

Also, we finally got our super sized half moon shaped French mattress style cushion.  It's amazing.
U¨ber cozy den

Notice the sconces that were installed today.
Originally I specified the Jielde sconces, but these are from Restoration Hardware.  They work well in the space.  It'll take some fussing to get the arms where we want them.


  1. I really dig the chalkboard paint. I have wanted to do that in Brendan's room for a while. The kitchen and den look incredible. Keep the pics coming. Love u!

  2. Love u Ker! I've stopped posting as I'm busy with clients, but I am getting back in the swing. Hope you keep checking it out! Spring will have new posts! Just need to discipline myself. xo!