Tuesday, July 20, 2010

catch up time

Between moving last week and a wonderful vacation the week before, I have neglected any updates here.
Moving, always fun, took up some time.  It is always strange to see your home reduced to stacks of boxes.

Another oddity is that a home actually looks smaller when there is no furniture.  I speak the truth!  When you hire me to design your space, you will hear me say it.  It looks larger when it's furnished.
The empty space feels....well, empty.


Now I will return focus to the renovation.  While we wait on various inspections, I find my anxiousness increasing.  Logic has always informed me that construction deadlines are never nailed.  The emotion of not having the house done before our wedding is what is creating said anxiety.  
Meeting electrician on Thursday.  Hope to see kitchen floors go in soon.  If all goes well, I will post pictures to prove it.

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